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Caliper Painting

Brake caliper painting

There’s nothing worse than having a really nice set of alloy wheels on a great looking car, and behind them is a rusty looking set of brake calipers, really spoiling the image of your vehicle. Or you might want to get the same look as the top end or sports model in your cars range, perhaps do something a little different to set your ride apart from all the others. With our caliper painting service, we can provide you a tailored solution based on your requirements.

What we do to paint brake calipers

Most vehicles come with untreated and unpainted brake calipers from the factory. They are normally cast metal and tend to rust quickly and easily without a coating on them. To ensure we get a top quality and long lasting result, we carry out the following steps each time when we are painting brake calipers for our customers:

  • Jack up vehicle & remove wheels
  • Mask off vulnerable parts (pipes, discs, etc)
  • Remove loose rust & dirt
  • Clean calipers with cleaning solution
  • Paint calipers with appropriate coloured caliper paint
  • Refit wheels, check nuts and lower vehicle to ground

The brake calipers are not removed from the car to carry out the painting process, as this would require disconnecting and disturbing brake hoses and bleeding of the system, which would add considerable additional time and expense to the process.

What brake caliper paint colours are there?

We use process specially designed to enhance the look and offer protection against surface corrosion. There are many brake caliper paints available in a variety of colours & variants but below are some of the common colours normally used.

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Silver

The whole process can usually be carried out in a single day, ensuring you are not without your vehicle for too long. You can wait in our comfortable customer reception area or pop into town for the day. Whatever you plan to do you can rest assured knowing that your car will be back with you same day looking that little bit nicer!

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