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A bulb failure on a vehicle compromises the safety of drivers, other road users and pedestrians. It is vital that to see and be seen when driving. Should a bulb fail, it should be replaced as soon as possible; it’s as simple as that. Don’t wait until your MOT is due to replace or discover a failure as this could mean possible retesting and inconvenience.

We offer a range of headlights, front and rear fog lights, side lights, stop and tail lights, brake lights, indicators, reversing and number plate lights to keep you moving safely.

Bulb Safety Checks

Ensuring all lighting applications are in good working order is a huge road safety benefit to all. Carry out a simple ‘light check’ and stay safer on the road. Here are some of our top bulb safety tips:

  • Check your vehicle for faulty, loose or failed bulbs – walk round the vehicle and get someone to assist with the check.
  • Check that all applications including; headlights, front and rear fog lights, side lights, stop and tail lights, brake lights, indicators and reversing lights are functioning correctly. 
  • Fit a replacement bulb as soon as you notice a bulb has blown or is faulty.
  • Think about the type of bulb you are fitting – there are some upgrade bulbs available offering more light or longer life – think about your driving style and needs.
  • Always try and fit original equipment ensuring quality for peace of mind motoring.
  • Ensure your headlights and tail lights are clean so you get the maximum performance from the bulbs you have fitted.

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