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Can you match the colour of my wheel?

This is not a problem and we have most colours pre mixed however our technicians have the ability to match with our colour matching facility which includes camera system and colour charts.

Can you repair corrosion on an alloy wheel?

Yes we can but this is not a common practice additional charges will be applied

Do you have locking wheel nuts?

No, You must ensure you have these when we arrive, as we will need to remove the wheel from the car regardless of the size of the damage.

Should I have the wheels clean before the repair/Refurbishment?

Yes, This will greatly aid the quality and efficiency of the repair. But it is not necessary

Can you repair diamond cut wheels?

Yes in certain circumstances. Photos are required in advance via email or inspection prior by one of our technicians before any work is carried out.

How do I know if my wheels are of a diamond cut nature?

If the wheel is of a highly polished mirror like finish there is a good chance of this, If you look closely at the wheel and if you can see lots of tiny scores in the metal (similar to a traditional vinyl record) then it will be Diamond Cut. It is these markings that are created when the wheel is on a lathe.

I am still unsure about this?

This is understandable and not a problem, either send us a photo where we can assess or we contact us and we can get the technician to tell you by finding out what vehicle and model you have or bring your vehicle in for one of the technicians to have a look.

Can you change the colour of the wheels?

Yes, we have various pre-mixed paints to choose from and paint mixing scheme to be able to mix any colour of your choice as long as you have a colour code or alternatively you can pick a custom colour from our colour swatches. Note: Additionally charges are applied for mixing custom colours.

What sort of products do you use?

We only use Branded and UK compliant products. We do not use any illegal or parallel non environmentally friendly products

How do you dispose of any waste?

We are registered for hazardous waste removal and all products/waste are disposed of in the correct manner as advised by the Environment Agency.

How soon after the repair can I drive the car?

As soon as we are finished you are able to drive.

When can I wash the car?

It is recommended that you leave this for 48 Hours. Whilst the paint is touch dry it will still be curing for a little while longer. Avoidance of moisture and pressure washers is strongly advised to help prevent any faults occurring.

How long will the repair take?

This is the How longs a piece of string question! The answer is dependent upon the size of the damage and of the wheel. We can say that a simple standard repair as what you see on our Alloy wheel page will be approx. 1hour, If you have more than 1 wheel time is usually reduced for the 2nd,3rd etc.

How long does it take to dry?

Fully hardened – 48 hours although touch dry, 3 - 15 minutes. Dependant on materials used, which can be advised on day of repair by technician.

What qualifications do your Technicians have?

All of our Technicians go through an IMI (Institute Motor Industry) and QAA (Quality Assured Award) programmes which ensure our technicians work to a regulated process. Our technicians will have this certificate on board their vehicle for you to see.

I understand that there are 5 day courses out there?

There are yes however they will only teach you the basic principles. There is not one course or person that can be an expert after 5 days. Ensure you find out any technician/companies experience in advance!

I've had a cheaper quote can you match it?

Yes we can, please see our terms & conditions for this. Note: must be from a reputable VAT registered company.

I have Lacquer peeling on my car, Can you fix it?

This sounds like it has had a poor repair in the past and that the area was not prepared correctly. We would need to assess to give you a firm answer. Additional charges will be applied as rectification for poor repairs take twice as long.

Do you work weekends?

All of our Technicians work Monday to Friday however Saturday & Sundays can be arranged at premium rates.

Should I receive a Receipt/Invoice?

Yes and please ensure the technician leaves this with you, this is your only form of Guarantee.


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