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Difference Between Mobile & Static Repair

Mobile SMART or mobile cosmetic repair

Mobile SMART or mobile cosmetic repairs are convenient options due to less restrictions of when and where the repair may take place. Mobile repair services offered could also be considered cheaper than taking your vehicle into an actual bodyshop but it is worthwhile knowing the pros and cons beforehand.


  • Convenient
  • Price may seem attractive


  • Poor colour matching
  • Poor finish (i.e. dirt, grit, reaction in paint etc) due to not working in a controlled environment
  • Equipment can be very limited for various repair types
  • Price difference between a bodyshop & mobile service could be similar or more if additional charges are incurred for fuel/travel

Mobile repair options are okay for blow-in low down on a car, for example a bumper corner which is not in direct eye sight meaning repairs generally 1 meter away will look good but on closer inspection may see where the lacquer was blended, imperfections in the paint & the colour may be off.


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