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Need help with your excess payment?


  • Accident your fault? Have a excess to pay?
  • Can’t afford your excess?
  • Happened at a bad time?
  • Financial strain?

* For us to be able to make a contribution to the excess the invoiceable value of the repair must exceed £1,000 + VAT. See full terms and conditions below.

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Most insurance policy's come with an insurance excess. This is the portion of the repair bill that you are responsible for which is paid direct to us on completion of your insurance repair*.

If you have your car repaired with us and you are not insured by one of our insurance partners we can usually pay a large percentage if not all of your excess.

Each case and insurer is different so it is dealt with on a case-by-case basis. It is unusual if we can't help.

Our aim is to minimise any inconvenience to you, including the financial inconvenience. Remember it is your choice where you have your car repaired not your insurers!

our terms are transparent

We want you to have complete clarity about what we offer.

Amount we pay

The amount of excess we pay is based on an average excess value of £250 on the insurance policy. In some cases we can help with more than this amount, but it is dependent on the invoiceable value of the repair. Please speak with the estimator handling your case to clarify how much we can help you with.

Fixed price repair

Due to the age and value of some vehicles, insurers will sometimes choose to deem the vehicle a total loss rather than repair it. In these cases we can negotiate with the insurer on your behalf to carry out a fixed price repair. This may mean us reducing our rates to achieve a repair figure that the insurer is happy with. In these cases we will not be able to help with your excess payment. The benefit however is that your vehicle is repaired rather than sent to a salvage yard.

Insurer relations

There are a number of insurers we have agreements with. In these cases, we have to offer the insurers discounts on the repairs therefore we can’t pass these discounts to you. In these types of cases we are unable to help with the payment of your excess.

Repair value

*For us to be able to make a contribution to the excess the invoiceable value of the repair must exceed £1,000 + VAT.


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